Ironically, in this day and age of media, it can often times feel like a lot gets lost in the noise. From large news corporations covering the same stories with the same bias, to foreign powers influencing social media trends and news, finding a clear voice can be hard. Robby Soave cuts through that noise and gets right down to the facts in his new podcast, Fighting Words. Listen into each episode as Robby discusses free speech in a free society, political correctness, government policy, what’s happening in the tech industry of Silicon Valley and on college campuses. And when you want to hear more from Robby in between episodes, don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @robbysoave and his work as an Associate Editor at Reason.com.

Episode 1 Description: College campuses have been a hot spot for change and activism for generations, looking back at the Civil Rights protests at the University of Cincinnati in 1964, or Vietnam War protests at Kent State University which lead to the tragic death of student Jeffrey Miller. But on this premiere episode of Fighting Words, host Robby Soave takes a deep look at the more recent outcries happening around college campuses in America. Students have been protesting guest speakers or professors because of their work or comments they have made, frequently resulting in violence. This leads Robby to ask, why do the epicenters of American education that are tasked with challenging students have such a problem with free speech? Robby also takes a look at Title IX on colleges, and both the good and bad that it does for students.

Episode 2 Description: Harvard University is currently in the middle of a legal battle with the Students for Fair Admissions, who is suing the school for holding Asian-American applicants to a higher standard than applicants of other race, which would be in violation of civil rights law. On this episode of Fighting Words, host Robby Soave discusses the lawsuit as well as other unfair parameters put upon college applicants.

Episode 3 Description: Following the questioning of several Silicon Valley titans by the Senate, Fighting Words host Robby Soave discusses censorship on social media. Who gets to make the rules, and what is it exactly that determines whether someone’s behavior on social media is appropriate or not?

Episode 4 Description: Botham Shem Jean was by himself in his home in Dallas when an off duty police officer broke into his apartment, believing it to be hers, and shot him twice, believing him to be an intruder. Jean later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital, and now the city of Dallas is in an uproar to ensure that Jean receives justice for his murder. Fighting Words host Robby Soave takes a look at the peculiarities of the case, as well as similar situations where police officers have shot and killed innocent citizens.